Employee Housing

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One of the major issues on the North Shore is the significant shortage of suitable and obtainable housing choices.

The lack of housing results in people commuting from surrounding communities to work on the North Shore. Businesses are reducing operating hours, relocating or simply closing down as they struggle to attract and retain employees.

Did you know?

  • Only 1,307 purpose built rental housing units exist today in the District of North Vancouver.
  • Only two new purpose built rental buildings have been built in the District of North Vancouver since 1979.
  • 93% of existing rental supply is at risk of redevelopment
  • The rental Vacancy Rate in the District of North Vancouver is 0.1%

At complete build-out, the NSID will provide a 52% increase in supply of rental housing in the District of North Vancouver.

At NSID, we are focused on providing a range of suitable and obtainable rental housing options to meet the needs of the North Shore today, and into the future:

Employee Rental Housing

The lack of housing impacts employee and employers alike, with employees unable to access suitable and obtainable housing in the communities where they work and employers unable to recruit talented employees due to housing shortages. This impacts public and private sectors equally, impacting the organizations that help our communities thrive.

That’s why we are proposing the first Employee Housing Program in the District of North Vancouver.

Student and Faculty Housing

Building and supporting future generations of North Shore residents just makes sense. That’s why NSID has prioritized housing for current Post-Secondary students and Faculty.