Master Plan

What is an innovation district?

Innovation Districts are areas where companies and institutions of all sizes, cluster and connect, creating a sum larger than its parts. The vision for the North Shore Innovation District is this, but different; the focus is on providing the kinds of spaces and places that help innovation thrive, in a specifically West Coast kind of way. The North Shore Innovation District will be a more complete place – offering diverse opportunities to work, live, play, shop and learn.

​The Vision​

The vision, values and goals of the NSID are in keeping with the recently approved Maplewood Area Plan and Design Guidelines for Maplewood Village. The NSID seeks to support the goals for a newly invigorated and walkable Maplewood Village while simultaneously being a highly walkable and vibrant district in its own right. Both the NSID and Maplewood Village aim to have high aesthetic standards and strong environmental goals.

The North Shore Innovation District is currently zoned as Interim Industrial (I4)

View the Revised Master Plan Rezoning Application submitted to the District of North Vancouver in January 2019.

North Shore Innovation District Site Plan


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