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The North Shore Innovation District will be the most sustainable mixed-used community in the District of North Vancouver and the first Eco-Innovation District in Canada

NSID reflects the Partnership’s shared vision for the future of the region and their commitment to the North Shore Community. The community’s design will uphold exceptional standards in energy efficiency, ecologically-sensitive development, climate change preparedness and community well-being. The project will set and achieve ambitious targets in carbon emissions, water, waste and resilience, above and beyond any local or provincial requirement.

NSID’s sustainability approach will be two-tiered: Community and Buildings.


For the overall neighbourhood, NSID will be pursuing Eco Districts® certification to become Canada’s first Eco-Innovation District. Sustainability is more than just green building; it is about creating communities that are equitable, resilient and that protect the climate.

To learn more about the EcoDistricts® standard for achieving sustainable and equitable community development, visit:

As an Eco-Innovation District, NSID will:

  • Commit to equity, resilience and climate protection at the heart of every decision
  • Form collaborative governance with stakeholders and community members
  • Create an implementation roadmap to guide projects and programs
  • Track and measure impact over time.


The construction and operation of all buildings in the NSID will be governed by a number of third-party certifications and guidelines, providing a comprehensive framework required for overachieving environmental performance for the community.

The result of this? NSID will be designed and built ensuring we are positively impacting the environment where it matters most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

Protected Wildlife Areas
and Wetlands

In alignment with the long-standing values and beliefs of the North Shore, comprehensive environmental and wildlife strategies for both the construction phases and longer-term plan are the cornerstones of this community. The preservation and enhancement of wetlands and creeks, and two significant wildlife corridors through the community, have been planned.

The North Shore Innovation District team will be working with local stakeholders and community groups to help guide the design and protection of these important areas.